National Congress, Safety, and Background Checks

8:38 PM (1 hour ago)

Good Evening-   I would like to inform everyone that your KS NAWGJ Board has voted to register and pay for current KS NAWGJ members to attend National Congress in St. Louis June 26-28,2020.  Early bird registration will end in 6 days - Feb 12th, so you need to let me know if you plan to attend by Tuesday, Feb 11th.  If you choose to register on your own for National Congress or a Regional Congress, registration will be reimbursed at $155/person.  This is the club membership rate we will receive for National Congress by registering as a club prior to 2/12. Please send me a confirmation email stating you plan to attend National Congress to ensure I register everyone appropriately. In addition, the SGB has voted to reimburse each current KS NAWGJ member a total of $200 for travel, food, and hotel expenses associated with attendance at National Congress or a Regional Congress of your choosing.  Receipts will be required for reimbursement. Finally, the SGB has voted to reimburse USA Gymnastics Safety and Background Checks for those up for renewal this year.  Again, these will require receipts for reimbursement.   I hope this is good news for everyone.  Your hard work and effort throughout the year is greatly appreciated.  Wishing you all the best as we march into the 2nd half of the competition season.   Sincerely- Suzy Azzaro, KS NAWGJ SJD