Happy Easter

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 Happy Easter! I hope this email finds all of you safe and healthy.  The last month has introduced many challenges to daily life.  The impact has been different for everyone and I cannot begin to grasp the magnitude of these changes for each of you.  At the hospital, we have been extremely busy in preparation for large influxes of COVID-19 patients.  We have been lucky in the KC metro area to have low COVID-19 numbers which are stable at this time.  That being said, this could change at any moment.  The good news- we are prepared with resources and training.  I have personally cared for several of these patients. While it is stressful, this is what we are trained to do and outcomes have been very good.  I am cautiously optimistic life will take on a more "normal" look and feel over the next few weeks.  I do not know that for a fact, but I am hopeful for everyone's sake.   Unfortunately in the world of gymnastics, things have come to a screeching halt.  Shock and disappointment related to cancelled events, shortened seasons, and unanticipated closure of businesses (temporary I hope)  have been of paramount concern in the gymnastics community.  Yet, I am amazed every day at the response of gyms and coaches across the country, and in Kansas in particular, as they work to keep their athletes and families engaged in the sport of gymnastics.  It is truly speaks to spirit of those who make up the foundation of this sport.  What an incredible blessing.  Please do anything you can to support our KS and gymnastics community as the future is unsure.  This is our opportunity to pull together in support of friends and colleagues across the state and across the country.   The Reg 3 NAWGJ Board had a meeting the other night to review and discuss plans for the near future.  Basically, it is impossible to plan right now.  National Congress has been postponed and the National NAWGJ meeting scheduled for July may be cancelled (to be determined May 15th).  Fortunately, USA Gymnastics and NAWGJ have partnered to provide provisions to accommodate for the current situation.   CPE credits have been adjusted for the 2019-2020 season.  Below you will find the formal statement from USA Gymnastics regarding CPE requirements.  Marilyn asked that each NAWGJ member submit their CPE requirements at this time.  This is earlier than the  May 31st deadline because there will be no clinics offered prior to the deadline. Please send your CPE reports to Amber McCracken, amber.mccracken@hotmail.com ASAP.   "Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and the resulting cancellation of the end of season championship competitions, the Women’s Technical Committee has voted to reduce the number of CPE credits required for the 2019-2020 season. We realize that many judges counted on volunteering at some of these events to complete their total number of CPE hours. The recent decision to re-schedule the National Congress may also prevent some officials to be compliant before the new season begins on August 1, 2020.  Therefore, please refer to the following chart indicating the change in the CPE requirements for the 2019-2020 accreditation year. Please be aware that anyone who has not fulfilled the new requirement by the end of May will still be required to submit their Annual Report Form to their State CPE Coordinator by May 31 and indicate any plans to attend any state/ regional or national education opportunities. Once they fulfill their total number of CPE hours and the number of Clinic hours according to their rating, they need to re-submit their Annual CPE Report so they can be considered for judging assignments after August 1, 2020. " Adjustment in CPE requirements for the 2019-20 season Highest Rating Held as of August 1, 2019Total CPE Hours Required for Accreditation Year 2019-2020Minimum # Clinic Hours as part of the yearly totalMinimum # of Clinic Hrs. to carry forward

Level 4/5 & Level 6/7/8From 12 reduce to 6From 6 reduce to 3From 2 increase to 3

Level 9From 16 reduce to 8From 8 reduce to 4From 3 increase to 4

Level 10/National/BrevetFrom 20 reduce to 10From 10 reduce to 5From 4 increase to 5 National Congress: As you are all aware, National Team Trials and the Olympics have been postponed until June and August 2021, respectively.  National Congress is also currently on hold.  USA Gymnastics is considering rescheduling sometime between mid-August and the end of October.  Until a date has been set, no venue can be confirmed.  Unfortunately, none of this can be put into motion until the CDC has determined it is safe to resume regular working conditions.  If, for whatever reason (cost, date, travel, family obligations, whatever)  you decide you would like to cancel your reservation for National Congress, please let me know.  You can also cancel your own registration, just let me know that is what you have done.  There is a $30 cancellation fee which will be deducted from your paid registration. While I do not personally agree with the cancellation fee, it stands in that Congress has not been officially cancelled.  I asked Anne if there is a possibility of rolling registrations forward to the 2021 National Congress which will be in St. Louis associated with National Team Trials in 2021, and she stated,  "All potential solutions will be considered."  This is all I know at this time.  I will keep you informed.   KS SAC Chairman Elections:  Wed., April 15th at 10:59PM Central Standard Time, ballots for the KS State Administrative Committee Chairman election are due.  We have 2 fantastic candidates, so don't forget to vote!  If you have trouble or have questions, please contact Cristy Naik at Cnaik@usagym.org in the USA Gymnastics National Office.  Instructions are as follows:     " To vote, please visit the USA Gymnastics website, Women’s page.  Click ELECTIONS on the left hand side of the page, and any current elections that you are eligible to vote in will be listed." Testing:  Connie asked there be no testing scheduled prior to June if not later.  We are committed to the safety of all our members, so we must wait for clearance from the CDC and USA Gymnastics before we proceed.   I have several people interested in testing, so we will look at this and try to make sure everyone is prepared prior to taking exams.  Please check out the NAWGJ Education Academy under the Educational Corner tab in the NAWGJ website.  You will find some great information and associated videos whether you are testing or not.   http://nawgjacademy.org/index.php KS Fall Clinic:  It was recommended in the Reg Board Meeting that we proceed with planning the KS Fall Clinic.  The Professional Development Committee is checking into clinicians and dates at this time.  The KS NAWGJ SGB will discuss this at their next meeting (which has not yet been set.) KS Judges Cup 2020:  At this time, the proposed date for the KS Judges Cup will be Dec 4-6th in the KC area.  Again, this will be on the agenda for the next SGB meeting.  The 4 judge panels were a big hit for the L7 session, so please put this on your calendar for the 2021 season.   2021 Clinics: Optional Clinic: June 13-14, 2020 @ Pinnacle Gymnastics Compulsory Clinic: October 16-18, 2020 @ CAGE Gymnastics 2021 State Meet:  Mar. 26-28, 2021 hosted by JAG Gymnastics 2021 Regionals:  2021 March26-28Level 9/10 State ChampionshipsVarious SitesApril16-18Level 9/10 Regional Championships April 23-25Level 8 Regional ChampionshipsOverland Park, KSApril 30-May 2Level 7 Regional ChampionshipsColoradoApril 30-May 2Xcel Platinum & Diamond Regional ChampionshipsAurora, COMay7-9Xcel Gold Regional ChampionshipsGalveston, TXMay 7-9Level 9 Western Championships May14-16JO Level 10 National Championships Congratulations to Pinnacle Gymnastics for hosting Reg 3 L8 Regionals! Reimbursements: I sent checks yesterday to those who have submitted receipts for 2020 USA gym membership, safety certification, and background checks.  When you complete these tasks (if you are up for renewal), please scan and email me a copy of your receipt for reimbursement.  These are not due until July 31, so don't panic.  There is plenty of time to complete these and submit receipts.   Just a reminder - all NAWGJ members who participated in the 2019 KS Judges Cup have had your 2020 NAWGJ membership paid in full. These were submitted as an expense of the 2020 JC, per your KS SGB.   This is all I know for now.   Hopefully everyone has had an opportunity to reset and acknowledge our blessings- family and friends are everything.  Stay positive and safe.   Sincerely - Suzy Azzaro, KS NAWGJ SJD