HAPPY 2020!

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season


As we move into the busy winter season, I thought we had better catch up on a couple of things.  

1.  Please make sure you are updating your availability each week.  If something is changed and you are not able to update, just drop Lydia a quick message so she can change it in the gymjas system.  

2.  Travel:  Mileage reimbursement has gone down to $0.57/mile

3.  New "A " Beam mount:  the single leg shoot through to free support on beam has recently been reviewed by the RTCC from Reg 4 and had been given an A VP.  There apparently was some confusion about this being a variation of skill 1.106 which is a double leg shoot though. It is now it's own skill.   Carole Bunge asked that I pass this along to you until the code is updated.

4.  Those who volunteered at KS Judge's Cup should have received your checks for travel reimbursement as well as a $115 education stipend.  This money can be used for any expenses incurred for judging education in the coming year.  In addition, your NAWGJ membership dues will be paid.  Thank you for your hard work and flexibility.  

5.  Anyone interested in attending National Congress in June or a Regional Congress this summer in the coming months, please let me know.  Early Bird Registration is due by Feb. 12 for National Congress.  We will be having a clinic in the fall with a guest clinician I am not sure who that clinician will be, so feel free to make suggestions of someone you would like to hear or have had a good experience with in the past. 

6.  Just a reminder to please review your renewal dates for Safety Certification, Background Checks, Safe Sport, etc.  If these are not current, you will not be eligible to judge sanctioned events.  

7.  I will be offering a test L4-10 Sunday, Feb 16th from 1-5PM at the Lenexa City Center Library, Conference Room 3.  A few people have requested a testing opportunity this winter, so spread the word!

8.  A special Congratulations is in order to Crystal Davis and her family.  They welcomed Maci Davis into their family Dec. 2 at 10:47 AM. She was 7lb 8oz& 19 inches long. They are all doing wonderful, but could use a little extra sleep!