Happy Fall!  I hope everyone is gearing up for a busy 2019-2020 gymnastics season.  

KS Compulsory Clinic:  I am thrilled to report that we had an excellent turnout for the KCC -15/22 judges.  This was a great opportunity for coaches and judges to collaborate at the Xcel and JO Compulsory levels.  All of the feedback has been positive and I look forward to our next opportunity to work towards betterment of KS gymnastics. Oct 27th:  We will be offering another practice judging opportunity Oct. 27th at NW Saltos YMCA, 13838 W. 21st Street N., WichitaKS 67235.  This event will run from 10AM- 4PM.  We will be reviewing practice videos, Xcel - L10.  We will also review test taking strategies for those preparing for exams this fall/winter.  Everyone is welcome at no charge.  There are not CPEs associated with this event at this time.   KS Judges Cup:  KS Judges Cup will be Nov.16th & 17th.  The SGB voted the theme for the weekend to be "Peace, Love, and Gymnastics".  At this time we have 160 athletes registered with registration due 11/01.  The University of Kansas has been incredibly supportive, allowing us to adjust our contract based on need through the week of the meet!  Dr. Kish and the University of Kansas Staff have been incredible partners in their support of Kansas athletes. Currently there are 17 judges committed for this event, and I expect at least 1 more.  All judges available will be utilized in one capacity or another for all sessions.  In addition to scores, we will be writing critique cards for each athlete on each event. The SGB voted to send a representative L.7 KS Team to National Judges Cup in Santa Clara, California.  That team will be selected the last session Saturday evening, 11/16.  Below you will find a picture of the t-shirt being offered in association with this event.   Testing:  Katherine Gatschet will be offering an exam Friday evening, 11/15, in association with KS Judges Cup.  Please go to to register.  If there is a need, I will offer one more exam in late December/early January.  As soon as I have my work schedule for the month of December, I will schedule the exam. Availability:  Please update your availability for the 2019-2020 season in  Lydia and Launa are currently working on assignments for the season.  I know schedules change, so please update your availability weekly.